AR Startup - Computer Graphics / Vision Engineer

San Francisco, California, United States


At Lightform, we are building the first computer made for projected AR, which can seamlessly mix real objects with projected light. It's augmented reality without the headset. Just connect Lightform to any projector and instantly create magical experiences with light. Our team previously invented Microsoft’s IllumiRoom, Bot & Dolly’s Box, DAQRI’s AR HMD and Disney’s AIREAL.

As a computer vision & graphics engineer, you will be developing the core technology for our projected AR content creation software. You will implement known research techniques with a few small twists, and invent publish worthy results to completely novel problems. You will work with a lean team of world-class PhDs in computer vision, graphics and human computer interaction. You will have the opportunity to work independently and in small teams and will have significant creative control over your project. You should be able and willing to learn new languages/platforms if necessary and tackle difficult and ill-defined problems daily.


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