Lightform - Sr. Software Engineer - Desktop Applications (C/C++)

San Francisco, California, United States


At Lightform, we are building the first computer made for projected AR, which can seamlessly mix real objects with projected light. It's augmented reality without the headset. Just connect Lightform to any projector and instantly create magical experiences with light. Our team previously invented Microsoft’s IllumiRoom, Bot & Dolly’s Box, DAQRI’s AR HMD and Disney’s AIREAL.

As a senior software engineer at Lightform, you will be working on our desktop projected AR content creation software. We have a top-notch team that has created beta versions of our software, and now we need to iterate, optimize and productize code, while simultaneously adding new features from our roadmap. You will have the opportunity to work both independently and in small teams, and you will have significant creative control over your projects/teams. As a small company, you'll need to be able to context switch quickly and handle a variety of problems (not just on desktop, and not even always related to engineering!).


Required expertise:

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